What is spectroscopy

Infrared spectroscopy is a precise analytical method used for the identification of the components of organic and biological samples. Molecular absorptions produce a ‘fingerprint’ of the samples and identify their constituents. Glyconics® use this capability to diagnose and monitor patients’ conditions using various samples and specific biomarkers.

Spectroscopy is highly accurate and requires no sample preparation.

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To date, IR Spectroscopy could only be undertaken in a laboratory by highly trained staff. With Glyconics® technology, however, that’s changing.
Glyconics® is developing a compact, cost-effective way of using FTIR Spectroscopy for point-of-care testing. Our hand-held  device will identify spectra waves from samples resulting in highly accurate diagnostic data in minutes.

That's just the beginning

Our innovation and advancement within spectroscopy have won awards and accolades such as;

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